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Alaska Fishing Tips – When is the best month to go fishing in Alaska?

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Alaska Fishing Tips – When is the best month to go fishing in Alaska?

Alaska is home to some of the richest fishing grounds in the entire world, but when is the best time to book your Alaskan fishing trip? There are several factors to consider when booking your next adventure like species, fishing style, and crowds.

Whether you’re looking for king salmon, rockfish, halibut, or trout, you’ll want to think about their run season, regulations, and popularity to ensure you have the best experience. Let’s go through some of our most popular fish species and when we’d recommend booking your Alaskan fishing charter.

May – August
If you’re looking for trophy size halibut in the 50-80 pound range, there’s no better place than Alaska. These giant fish are plentiful from May through August, and you may even find whoppers tipping the scale at 150 pounds! Get ready to flex those muscles as you battle with these flat, tasty fish.

King Salmon
May – August
There’s no doubt that summer is a popular time to visit if you’re interested in king salmon. The Kenai River is home to one of the country’s great salmon runs, and it’s a must for any serious angler’s bucket list. Be prepared to share the space with many other anglers as they all try to get in on this action. Look to June and July for peak king salmon run times as they head upstream to spawn.

Ling Cod
July – August
Late summer affords you the opportunity to catch monster ling cods. Open season begins July 1, and for the best luck, you’ll want to head out on a long-range charter to find these saltwater predators. Ling cod can be found feeding their voracious appetites near underwater structures, reefs, ledges, and pinnacles where smaller bait fish are likely to school.

Yellow Eye & Rockfish
May – August
This diverse family of saltwater fish species can be found in abundance throughout summer months in Alaska’s fishing grounds. A delicious white fish, you can catch rockfish ranging from black to gray to stunningly vibrant reds and oranges. Rockfish are a very long-lived species that are thought to have the ability to live over 200 years and grow up to three feet in length.

Silver Salmon
July – August
Silver salmon, also called coho salmon, are a feisty, acrobatic species that are sure to give you a good run for your money. Take some light tackle to the freshwater fisheries near Resurrection Bay near the end of July, and you’re likely to find this Pacific salmon on the end of your rod. Salmon-egg clusters, spinners, and spoons can all be very effective to attract silver salmon.

Rainbow Trout & Dolly Varden
May – August
Starting in earnest around early to mid-June, you have a chance to land a legendary Kenai River rainbow or Dolly Varden trout. Tipping the scales at over 15 pounds, Alaskan rainbow trout and Dolly Varden trout can be found running all summer and into September. Fly fishing and spin fishing can both net you a big fish.

Sockeye Salmon
July – August
If you want to take on the millions of sockeye salmon that run Alaska’s rivers each year, you’ll want to visit in mid-to-late summer. These powerful fish pack incredible power into their torpedo-shaped bodies, so get ready for an adventure as you feel a bite. Not only do they make for a memorable Alaskan fishing story, sockeye salmon are also full of nutritional Omega-3 fatty acids and are among the healthiest fish to eat. Quite tasty, too!

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