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Looking for the Full Alaskan Fishing Experience?

Visit the Amazing Kenai Peninsula. Here’s How to Plan Your Trip

The dream of fishing the Last Frontier calls to anglers the world over year after year. Alaska is, hands down, one of the top fishing destinations on the planet drawing anglers from all over the world every summer. The reasons for this are simple, Alaska has a massive amount of species options and an incredible diversity of habitats. From trout and salmon in freshwater streams, rivers and lakes to halibut, salmon, rockfish and ling cod in the Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea, Alaska has it all.

But with over 6,000 miles of coastline and more than 12,000 rivers, crossing the right spot can be daunting and overwhelming.

If you are looking for a well-rounded fishing experience targeting multiple fish species, then the Kenai Peninsula is exactly what you are looking for. The Kenai Peninsula features the beautiful fishing towns of Homer and Seward. From each community you can charter incredible ocean fishing trips for species like halibut, king salmon, silver salmon, ling cod, rockfish and yelloweye.  The Kenai Peninsula also features the legendary Kenai River.  The Kenai River boasts the world-record king salmon ever caught at 97 lbs. 4 oz, and has incredible runs of silver salmon and sockeye salmon.  Countless other lakes, rivers and streams make the Kenai Peninsula an incredible choice for anyone wanting to experience all that Alaska has to offer. Furthermore, there is plenty to do for those non-fishers who may be accompanying you on your trip. Whale watching, float plane trips, glacier tours, hiking, and shopping are just a few of the amazing activities available in the area.

Fly Outs

At over 24,000 square miles, the Kenai Peninsula is a large area to target for your fishing adventures. You may want to consider a centralized location as a basecamp such as the city of Kenai or Soldotna. Each day could see you getting up early and driving a few hours in any direction to reach your fishing destination, but you will be able to establish a familiar home base from which to operate and will not spend as much time packing and repacking your gear as you move from lodging destination to lodging destination throughout the area.

Another great strategy is to hop from town to town spending multiple days in each location. It can be much more relaxing to approach your trip this way because you won’t spend as much time driving each day. Just count on a longer and more expensive trip to be able to see and do it all.

Most out-of-state visitors fly into Anchorage and rent a car for the drive down into the peninsula. There are also small airlines that fly from Anchorage into the Kenai airport in the city of Kenai. This short flight saves visitors the drive, which will easily run three hours or more. Finally, other guests arrive by sea as there are many cruise lines that dock in Homer or Seward throughout the season.


At Alaskan Fishing Adventures we have carefully assembled a full and flexible package of lodging and fishing options to ensure that your Alaska fishing trip will be as successful as possible.  We are centrally located in the Soldotna area and are able to send guests on charters out of both Homer and Seward as well as local day trips on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers. We also work with some of the best float-plane charters in Alaska, opening up secluded and remote fishing destinations for our guests.

Alaskan Fishing Adventures offers a unique assortment of fishing options for our guests and we always recommend that our clients resist the urge to over-plan their stay with us.  After all, Alaska’s fishing conditions and weather conditions are changing constantly throughout the season so why firmly schedule that ocean trip for halibut on a day that may wind up having high and choppy seas? Not as many Sockeye running on the Kenai as we had hoped when we originally scheduled your day?  That’s fine, let’s get you on a fly-out trip for Silvers instead.

The exception to our preference to not tightly schedule trips is our Overnight Trips.  You will want to sign up early for these trips because they fill up fast.  These spectacular trips leave from Seward and only go out on certain days throughout the season. They stand out because they afford our guests the opportunity to fish for two limits on one excursion by spending the entire night on the water.  Because these trips are longer in duration than a day trip, it allows us to venture farther out and access waters that are not hit by the day trip fleet. You have the opportunity to catch all of the same species that you would on a day trip but our Overnight Trips are definitely your best chance to catch hard-fighting ling cod. This are intense trips. You will be tired afterward, but they are your best bet for catching a lot of fish.


If the overnight option is not for you, be sure to schedule a day trip. Our ocean day trips start in May and run into September. We motor out from Homer or Seward and fish for multiple salmon species, halibut, rockfish and yelloweye. The time of year you are in Alaska and the ocean conditions will determine which specific species you will target, but most of our ocean day trips allow you to catch multiple types of fish. The added bonus is that you will be surrounded by some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet.

Our river trips will take you on a beautiful float down the Kasilof or a motored excursion on the Kenai. Depending on the time of year that you stay with us you will have the opportunity to catch Kings, Reds, Silvers, and Rainbow Trout.  The Kenai River is the legendary home to some of the largest King Salmon on the planet and the Kasilof also produces impressive fish year in and year out.

Where you stay also makes a huge difference in the success of your trip.  Our lodging options allow you to stay in Seward, Sterling or Soldotna and many of our guest stay at more than one lodge during the course of their trip. Our most popular lodging option is the incredible Angler’s Lodge. This quintessential Alaskan fishing camp is located right on the Kenai River, allowing our guests to fish the river before and after their delicious, home-cooked dinners. Our rooms are comfortably appointed to make sure that you get all of the rest that you need after long days of catching fish after fish.

The Kenai Peninsula is a great destination if you want the full Alaskan angling experience. Let Alaskan Fishing Adventures provide you with the expedition that you have always dreamed about.